File Management and Tracking System

Question 1: What is the meaning of “Allow the Receiver to forward the File”?

Answer: When Admin/Department selects this option, a dropdown will appear where if selected:

Yes- then, the receiver can forward the file to another department/section, etc. No: then, the receiver can only view and reply in the file but can not forward it to any other department/section.

Question 2: How does the File Management Tracking System admin create file type?

Answer: The admin can only create a file type if “fmts_admin” role assigned to them. The below-mentioned steps need to be followed:

Setting » File Type » Add File Type » Enter all required details » Add.

Question 3: How can an employee create a file?

Answer: Employee needs to log in to his/her administrative account and follow the below-mentioned steps:

Manage Files» Add New Files»Select File Type» Enter required details»Save.

Question 4: How can an Employee view the incoming files?

Answer: An Employee needs to log in to his administrative account and follow the below-mentioned steps:

Incoming Files » Action View

Question 5: Who can check the file history?

Answer: File Management Tracking System admin can check the file history by following the below-mentioned steps:

File History » Reference Number/File Number » Fetch Details

Question 6: What happens when we click on the delete button after creating the file, will it be permanently deleted?

Answer: The file will be deleted permanently.

Question 7: Which role can create a new file either file_management_admin or _file_management_department _ ?

Answer: Both roles can create the files.

Question 8: Is there any possibility to mention a high-priority option for important files?

Answer: Yes, the file initiator can mention the priority of the file.

Question 9: If the file initiator forwards wrong files, can it be revoked?

Answer: Yes, the initiator can revoke the file.

Question 10: Is there any option to send message or mail notification ?

Answer: Message and Mail notification options are available in the portal.

Question 11: Can we add the existing files to the Samarth File Tracking System?

Answer: It is recommended to add new files as it tracks the real-time movement of files. Retrospective file details can be added for record-keeping however tracking won’t be possible.

Question 12: Does the system allow us to add a previous creation date for a file?

Answer: The real-time dates are added, date manipulation is not allowed as the tracker works on current entries and shows exact details. The creation date is updated automatically once the file is added to the system.

Question 13: Will the Part File number be different from the Main File?

Answer: The Part File reference number will be different from the main file as the file numbers which are generated are unique.

Question 14:Who can create the files and where will they get saved after creation?

Answer: Any employee or the designation who has the role mapped to his/her user account can create the files. The files will remain with the creator before forwarding them to any of the users or departments.

Question 15:Can we have the name of the employee whose name is assigned with the respective role in the reports?

Answer: The employee associated with a particular user account can be viewed and tracked if required. Currently, the option of fetching the associated employee name in the report is not available but it can be provided.

Question 16:What is meant by Reference number, can we customize that number?

Answer: Reference number is system generated number and universities don’t have the option to update that number

Question 17: While referring to the file type in File Management and Tracking System, what is file type in practical work?

Answer: It depends on the nature of operations. For e.g: If we create an academic-related file then it will be an academic file type.

Question 18: Do we need to define the role of the department?

Answer: Yes, we have a File Management Department Store.

Question 19: Does this module have a feature in which there is an alert option for the department where the file has not been moved for a while?

Answer: The Samarth team explained that once an administrative/employee sends a file to another administrative/employee, the receiver will get an alert email regarding the file but we don’t have a reminder/alert option after the file is not moved from a particular person.

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