Recruitment Management System

Question 0: Are we doing the configuration for the live portal?

Answer: Yes, we are doing the configuration for the live portal.

Question 1: Can we make the fee exempted for a fresh advertisement based on the previous offline recruitment?

Answer: Yes, but for that, you have to provide some of the details. Based on that only we can exempt the fee.

Questions 2: Is it possible to take the Academic details while applying for the post?

Answer: Yes, we can take the Academic details from the candidate’s side while applying for the post.

Question 3: If the category is UR then can we configure the age relaxation for the other categories?

Answer: Yes, we can configure it.

Question 4: Two Referral details are needed to fill while submitting for a Teaching Recruitment Post. Is this provision available?

Answer: Yes this Provision is available in the Teaching Recruitment Portal.

Question 5: In the Application form is there any QR System?

Answer: Currently this feature is not available for Application forms

Question 6: Will Screening Process be for all over Advertisement or for particular Post wise?

Answer: The screening process will be for post wise

Question 7: Regarding fee configuration the fees are not the same for all categories is it possible to configure different fees for different categories through this Portal?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to configure different fees for different categories. During fee configuration, you have to select the category and configure the fee for that category.

Question 8: What is the procedure to apply for the post?

Answer: Once the Advertisement is configured and Publish on the Recruitment Portal after that candidate will be able to apply for the post the first candidate needs to register on Portal then he will be able to apply for the published Post.

Question 9: Is there any provision of online Examination in the Recruitment Portal?

Answer: No Recruitment Portal is not providing any kind of online examination-related facility.

Question 10: Is an auto-calculated API system available?

Answer: Yes it is available.

Question 11: What will be the procedure coriander in case there are some changes in category or post that we need to update and procedure to inform the candidate which has already submitted the application form?

Answer: For the coriander, you have to update the job post code and advertisement number and for informing the candidates select the candidates which status are submitted and send the regarding the same.

Question 12: For the post Professor and Associate Professor the publication is uploaded in the top five is that option available?

Answer: Yes this option is available, once the application is received the candidate for these posts will be able to upload the required document.

Question 13: How can we be able to control the multiple applications filled by candidates for one post in case of any error?

Answer: In this case, you have to see the status of the application whether it is draft or published you have to process published applications.

Question 14: What about the screening is it online or offline mode? Is there any provision for rescreening?

Answer: The screening process will be in online mode. In case rescreening for particular candidates can be done after remarks and status for the candidate will be changed by the screening administrator.

Question 15: What will be the procedure of Payment Gateway integration as it is already activated?

Answer: The payment gateway will be the same with a different URL, you have to send a request to the state bank for whitelisting the new URL.

Question 16: Is the API calculation System available in the Recruitment Portal?

Answer: Yes it is available in the Recruitment Portal.

Question 17: Is the user role for the Screening Committee of an individual department can be assigned?

Answer: Yes from the User Management admin can assign the user roles of Screening Committee for each and every department.

Question 18: Are the Additional fields Mandatory?

Answer: They can be Mandatory and Non-Mandatory both as per the configuration of the portal.

Question 19: Is there any option to add the new country without using dropdown?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to add a new country without using dropdown with the help of Add a country button.

Question 20: Is there any option to add a new job postcode in Teaching Recruitment?

Answer: Currently, The system does not have an option to add a Teaching job postcode from Admin End. the University has to send the name of the job postcode which needs to be added so we can add it from our end.

Question 21: If there is any modification required then How will it be done?

Answer: It will be done with the help of an Additional Field Button.

Question 22: What will be the size of Uploaded Documents?

Answer: The Size of Uploaded Documents is up to 500Kb.

Question 23: Is it possible to login in the Candidate portal without a Username or password?

Answer: No, it can’t be Possible. Firstly the Candidate needs to sign up then only the Candidate will be able to log in

Question 24: Is it possible to download the bulk data of the Candidate’s Documents?

Answer: No, it is not possible to download the bulk data.

Question 25: Do you have any Module related to the Admission?

Answer: Yes, we have a Module related to admissions which is also an on-demand Module the University can request the Samarth team for the demonstration and implementation of Admission Management.

Question 26: Is the Recruitment Module new or are some other Universities are Using?

Answer: It is an on-demand Module, Many other Universities are using Samarth Recruitment Portal for both Teaching and Non-Teaching recruitment from 2019.

Question 27: For the Screening what type of Application a screening member will be able to see?

Answer: Suppose a Screening Committee for the recruitment post of Assistant Registrar then that screening committee will be able to see only that application detail which is applied for the assistant registrar.

Question 28: Can the Screening committee download the Application details?

Answer: Only Admin can download the details of applications, the Screening Committee can view and complete the screening process.

Question 29: How much time does it take to implement the Recruitment Management System? Answer: It all depends on the activeness of the university.

Question 30: How much time will it take to integrate the Payment Gateway?

Answer: Once the University shares the MID kit with Samarth’s Team it takes approx. 15-20 days to fully integrate and test the portal with the Payment Gateway.

Question 31: How to generate an Admit card and attendance list to conduct a second entrance examination?

Answer: In the conduct entrance, there is an option of generating admit cards and attendance list.

Question 32: If the “Not Applicable” will be selected in UGC Rule Applied then will it affect the Marks Research Rules?

Answer: No, it will not affect the marks research score rules and the marks will be visible in the preview section.

Question 33: Is it possible to use the old advertisement and merge it with the new advertisement with the same cut-off date?

Answer: We can try to provide the feature but the problem will arise where we have to check the year. Perhaps an old applicant has to update his qualification details. So a fresh registration would be a better option.

Question 34: At the time of the addendum, can it be screening the remaining posts? Answer: Yes, it can be screening the remaining post other than 16 posts.

Question 35: Is it possible to give the Unique no of Applications as per University’s own basis?

Answer: For the Unique no of Applications you can send us an email, we will discuss it with the Technical Team and inform you of the same.

Question 36: Regarding adding the post apart from a predefined post can we add from our end?

Answer: To add the post apart from the predefined post University can send us request mail so that Team Samarth can add those posts.

Question 37: In case a candidate has done Double MA from where he can mention?

Answer: In that Case Candidate has to mention it in Additional qualification.

Question 38: Is there any provision of Rolling Advertisement in the Samarth Recruitment Portal? Answer: No Currently this feature is not available.

Question 40: How many qualifications can be Uploaded through Samarth Recruitment Portal?

Answer: It depends upon the Candidate

Question 41: Does a candidate require multiple email id to apply for more than one post?

Answer: No Candidate can apply for more than one post by registering with a single email id for said advertisement.

Question 42: Suppose a candidate login with one account and applied for a post. If he wants to apply for another post then-candidate data can be floated or not?

Answer: Yes.

Question 43: Can we configure different types of age relaxation?

Answer: Yes.

Question 44: Some of the subjects are not displayed in the NET Subject List?

Answer: University can add those Subjects by clicking on Add NET Subject Button.

Question 45: If there is any problem, is anybody from your side willing to help us?

Answer: Yes, we have a Support Team. If a University is facing any issue regarding Recruitment then they can write us an email we will surely help them.

Question 46: Can we download the Report of a particular Candidate through the Recruitment Portal?

Answer: Yes

Question 47: Does the University want to go live for any Recruitment?

Answer: Yes, we want to go live for the Recruitment.

Question 48: Eligibility of a candidate for a particular post, whether it is direct recruitment or through CAS. How are the eligibility criteria to be considered?

Answer: Eligibility criteria can be figured in the recruitment management and for promotion, we have another module CAS, so the internal candidate will be promoted or their forms will be submitted through the CAS module for direct recruitment, and for fresh recruitment, University can go through with recruitment module in that eligibility criteria also can be configured.

Question 49: Who will decide the eligibility criteria during the application that has been submitted?

Answer: It will be decided by the University, what qualification and eligibility University want to mention, and once the advertisement is finalized, University can configure all the settings as per that advertisement. The norms will be decided by Samarth in the recruitment management system.

**Question 50:**How will the interview be conducted? Whether it will be online or offline?

Answer: It depends on the University as all the processes whether teaching or non-teaching can be managed in the Recruitment module.

Question 51: What are the advantages of this Recruitment process compared to the traditional method?

Answer: It is a Role-Based Access Control system (RBAC) which makes it securable, easy to use by the candidate. There are many sections available in the portal so it will be easy for all the Universities to configure all the advertisements and the screening process will be very easy for the Universities.

Question 52: How easy is the workload while Uploading the documents in the recruitment portal?

Answer: The candidate can upload the documents in Pdf format. He only needs to fill in the required details and upload his documents to the portal. He does not need to submit any physical form to the University as the process is completely online. Pdf can be kept as a record and for the screening in the University for future recruitment.

Question 53: How can the judgment be considered by the screening committee while uploading the documents?

Answer: There is the automatic calculation of API points which is done by the system but there is a provision in the APIs system that while verifying the documents if not correct then, the screening committee can comment on them that will be visible to the candidate in the portal.

Question 54: How do we assign the screening role to the departments ?

Answer: From the User Management Admin can assign the screening_admin role to the departments.

Question 55: If we want to screen 10 candidates from two separate user logins and both are screening from a remote location, will they be able to give separate scores or not?

Answer: Yes they will be able to enter the scores, but the application will reflect the latest scores for the candidate, therefore it is suggested to do some discussion manually and then write the screening points for the respective candidate in the module.

Question 56: Can a Single application be screened by two separate screening members?

Answer: Yes, it is possible by two separate logins.

Question 57: Is the adding of the screening committee members and assigning roles to them mandatory?

Answer: It is non-mandatory, totally up to University.

Question 58: What details need to be filled in the Experience section?

Answer: Following details need to be filled

  1. Full-time Teaching Experience
  2. Full-time Research/Industry Experience
  3. Present Employment Details

Question 59: Can the Non-Teaching Applicants fill their Research detail while filling the application?

Answer: Yes, the system has provision for the same.

Question 60: Does recruitment_admin have the right to configure age relaxation as per the advertisement required?

Answer: Yes, the system has provision for the same.

Question 61: If in future University wants to advertise the vacancy for the same post data will be fetched from the previous advertisement or not?

Answer: Yes once you select the post the data from the previous advertisement will be fetched automatically.

Question 62: Does Samarth egov have an email Configuration system?

Answer: Yes, we have CCS Module for the bulk mailing system University can use the CCS Module for the same.

Question 63: How do we go for the Payment Gateway integration process?

Answer: For the Payment Gateway integration kindly contact BillDesk they will help for the same.

Question 64: Research Option in the Non-Teaching, Is it a mandatory field?

Answer: These Fields are not mandatory but in case the Candidate is required to fill the Research paper they can fill it or they can skip and proceed futurer.

Question 65: How to Upload Additional documents in the uploads sections?

Answer: With the help of the Additional upload button.

Question 66: Can the same candidate apply for more than one post?

Answer: Yes, candidates can apply for more than one post from the single Login and a Separate Application number will get generated.

Question 67: Will the Screening committee be able to screen online?

Answer: Yes, the screening process will be done online through the Samarth Portal.

Question 68: If the university wants to go offline for the screening process then how do they give the data or reports?

Answer: Samarth portal will give the data and reports through the generated MIS reports.

Question 69: After the Screening Process, will the system also generate the call letter?

Answer: Yes, Samarth Portal will also generate a call letter with the help of the conduct selection round button.

Question 70: How can we do the scrutiny before the screening?

Answer: Yes, the system has a provision to check the documents uploaded by candidates before the screening, once the documents are uploaded these can be checked by the Admin.

Question 71: Is there any provision to upload the documents of some candidates after the Recruitments date is over?

Answer: Yes, the provision of enabling Additional upload is there in the module, so the candidates can upload the required documents after the screening as well.

Question 72: Will the Screening Comments and Remarks be visible to the Candidates in their logins?

Answer: It is up to the University if the University wants to show the remarks they can enable by the radio button, the system has the provision for the same.

Question 73: Suppose the university wants to configure the post of OBC PWD then how will it be done?

Answer: It will be done by going category-wise vacancy and here need to select the OBC and PWD options under the OBC category.

Question 74: If the University wants the printed Application from the Candidates, which is already filled by the candidate through the online portal, is this provision available?

Answer: Yes, the system has this provision for print or downloading the final form. The Candidates need to log in with their credentials and download/print the form to send the Application Form hard copy to the University.

Question 75: Does the system have auto-calculated marks provision?

Answer: Yes, the system has configured API Scores as per the UGC Guidelines which calculates the marks for a candidate on the basis of details entered by them in the respective field.

Question 76: After the Recruitment process is completed, how do we access the stored data?

Answer: The data will be stored on University Cloud and can be accessed whenever required using respective credentials.

Question 77: Does the system automatically verify the details and documents uploaded by the Candidate as per the UGC Norms, or do the screening committee members have to verify each document and entry on their own?

Answer: The system calculates the marks on the basis of entries done by candidates to help the committee; it doesn’t verify the entered details on the basis of correctness. The final verification is to be done by the Screening Committee properly.

Question 78: What problems will occur when a section will be removed from the Portal, could the Samarth team customize the portal for the IIM Bodh Gaya?

Answer: Removing or adding some new sections will affect the whole workflow of the Recruitment system and changes will be common for all HEIs. The changes will be discussed with the Change Management Team, it may take some more time. Customization for a particular Institute is not possible.

Question 79: Are the Instances for the Institutes separate?

Answer: Yes, separate Instances are deployed for each Institute.

Question 80: If the instances are separate for all institutes then how one change will affect all?

Answer: Because our base system is common for all the Institutes, and whenever we do modifications and changes the repo gets rolled out in all instances using the base system, therefore adding one feature in it will reflect for all the Institutes.

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