Training of Trainers

Question 1: Who can request the Training?

Answer: Employees can request the training, then the admin can accept or reject accordingly. The steps to be followed are:

HR » Training of Trainer » Requests » Action (Accept/Reject)

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Question 2: Do we have specific settings for the Training of Trainers module?

Answer: There are no specific settings for the Training of Trainers module.

Question 3: What is a TOT Company?

Answer: Tot_company role assigned to the company user, so they can add their profile and training sessions.

Question 4: What is the purpose of making outsiders' guest accounts?

Answer: The company person is not an employee or student of the University, so the user management admin needs to create a guest account for them.

Question 5: How to add the outside member to the ToT module?

Answer: Module admin can add outside members by creating the guest account and assigning them the tot_company role.

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