Knowledge Management

Question 1: What is the meaning of “Sync Data”?

Answer: If an employee has added the Research Paper, Patents, and Research Publication in his Profile, then the Knowledge Admin can sync data to their profile.

Question 2: How to create a profile in Knowledge Management?

Answer: Knowledge admin can create a profile in knowledge management by following the below-mentioned steps:

HR » Knowledge Management » Profile » Create New Profile » Enter the required details » Save

Question 3: Is Samarth eGov providing the analytics and data insights of knowledge management?

Answer: Yes, we provide the descriptive analytics of available data in knowledge management. It can be seen in the dashboard segment of knowledge management.

Question 4: Do we need to create an admin, again and again, to assign a designation to others and how they will enter their details in knowledge management?

Answer: No, we do not need to create a user again. We just have to map the role, once you Map the user role, that particular person is able to access the knowledge management module.

Question 5: What is the pay level in the Estate Management module?

Answer: Estate management module captures all the building details of the institute irrespective of pay levels. The allocation of buildings according to the pay level criteria is covered in the Residence allocation module.

Question 6: How do we differentiate between research publications and research papers?

Answer: There are two sections for Research publications and research papers. Samarth eGov Suite caters both of these provisions separately where the Teaching employees can manage his/her research papers through the “Research Papers” section and their publications by “Research Publications” option.

Question 7: What about more than one co-author? Will they be entered with comma values?

Answer: There is a comma separator where more than one co-author can be added.

Question 8: How do we differentiate who will be the first author or second author?

Answer: While login in as an employee, there is a dropdown box where the employee can select whether he will be a single author or co-author.

Question 9: What is the nature of upload? Will it be JPG/ DOC/ PDF?

Answer: You can upload documents either in PDF or JPG format and the size to be uploaded would be a maximum of 3 MB.

Question 10: What is the possibility to add a Book review in the type field in the “Add Research-Publication” section?

Answer: It comes under change management so you have to write mail on project Samarth, the request will be forwarded to the change management process and check if the review is feasible for all universities.

Question 11: Is there any probability of extracting data from a particular duration as required by the department, so that I can extract data in excel or pdf form?

Answer: Currently, for knowledge admin, there is no option to export the data but, in employee login, they can export their individual research papers or publications.

Question 12: Is there any option to export data quarter-wise for a particular department?

Answer: No

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