Employee Management Module

Question 1: What is the difference between “Samarth Existing Employee Code” and “University Existing Employee Code”?

Answer: “Samarth Existing Code” is a unique code that was generated by the system automatically whereas “University employee code” is given by the University.

Question 2: How can employees update the University assignments?

Answer: Employees don’t have the option to add or update the details in the university assignments options. Only the employee_admin possesses these rights.

Question 3: How can we add disability options in the employee module?

Answer: Disability categories can be added by employee_admin from the settings.

Employee Management»Settings»Disability Options»Add Disability Options

Question 4: Can we add the remarks or languages in the Employee Management?

Answer: Yes, employee_admin can add the remarks or languages from the settings by using the option called employee additional parameters.

Employee module»Settings»Employee Additional Parameters»Add Additional Parameters.

Question 5: How can employees update basic details?

Answer: Employees can log in with their credentials and update their details by using the update profile option for the basic details.

Employee login»Employee details»Update details

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Question 6: While uploading the employee. Can we upload bulk employees like contractual and permanent at the same time or later?

Answer: Yes, we can mention all the employees in one sheet, contractual or permanent, and upload it to the section.

Question 7: Does every employee automatically become a user of the system or do we need additional mapping?

Answer: Yes, first you need to fill all the details in the employee management then it is completed then the employee moves to the user management.

Question 8: Do only employees have the right to update the information or the employee admin can also have the right to update details?

Answer: Both have the right to update the details.

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Question 9: Can we update all the employee data in bulk at a time?

Answer: Yes, we can update bulk data at a time.

Question 10: How can we add the additional parameters while entering the details of the employee?

Answer: The additional parameters can be configured in the settings of the Employee module.

Question 11: Can we assign multiple assignments for an Employee?

Answer: Yes, assignments can be added in the University Assignment section of Employee Profile.

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Question 12: How will we give access to the employees so that they will enter their academic and administrative details?

Answer: For that, we have to create an employee account for the employee and give them the required access through a user management module.

Question 13: How can we check the previous profile of the employee if any update is made in the profile of the employee?

Answer: We can check the changes in the profile of the employee by clicking on the View Previous Profile option in the employee profile.

Question 14: Can employees update his/her own data?

Answer: Yes, Employee can update his data by himself but only for personal and research publications.

📹 How to Update Employee Details? ⤤ | v1

Question 15: If the employee can update then is it approved/moderated by HR?

Answer: Apart from personal data, employees need admin approval to update other data.

Question 16: Do we need to add an employee first and then create a username and password or is it vice versa or there is no relation between the two?

Answer: Firstly, we need to upload employee details in the portal then only we can create a user account.

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