University Web Portal

Question 1: What is the use of the Uniweb module?

Answer: Samarth Uni Web Portal is an API (Application Programming Interface) platform for Samarth Portal. Universities using the Samarth portal can use these APIs to fetch details of their Programmes, Organizations, and Employees.

Question 2: How can we use this module? Is there any unique code?

Answer: Universities using the Samarth portal can use these APIs to fetch details present in the Samarth UIMS. A unique Access Token is required for Authentication which will be provided by Samarth Team.

Question 3: In which format we will get API content?

Answer: Module admin can get the API content in the JSON format

Question 4: What role is to be mapped with the user to give the UniWeb access?

Answer: The role of settings in the Samarth option including Uniweb module access.

Question 5: What are the parameters to access data using the API Token?

Answer: Below is the parameter for accessing the data

Parameter: [UIMS Link]/[Version Info]/[Module Name]/get?token=[TOKEN]

Below is the example for accessing the employee designation details:

Question 6: What type of this API is in the Uni web portal?

Answer: This is the Rest based API

Question 7: What are all the areas to fetch the data by these APIs?

Answer: These all are mentioned in the University Portal Guide.

Question 8: Can we customize the requirement portal?

Answer: Yes, University can customize the requirement portal as per the University norms.

Question 9: Is the API score automatically calculated or do we need to add it manually?

Answer: Requirement portal is developed as per the UGC norms, The API Score is calculated automatically.

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