University profile Organizational unit and organigram


Question 1: Who can map the Organigram?

Answer:- The admin can only map the “Organigram” with the “setting” role assigned to him/her. The below-mentioned steps need to be followed:

Settings » Organigram » Add Organigram

Question 2: What is Organigram?

Answer; Organigram is used to construct the organizational structure of the enterprise or organization with various relevant information like Organizational Unit, Designation, Reporting Designation, etc. to generate records.

Question 3: What is an identifier while creating an organigram?

Answer: The identifier is a term used to differentiate the same designation in Organization Unit to avoid conflict while creating an admin account.

Question 4: We have different kinds of units where we will offer distance for a particular program and the school of mathematics offers the regular program. How do we manage that?

Answer: We have organization unit type and organization unit, so you can define the type of organization unit as the directorate of the program, office of the unit and that can be used in the program.

Question 5: For faculty will it be a separate unit type or do I have to create it under the HR section?

Answer: Departments are already present under Organizational Units. So while adding/updating any faculty, you just need to select the faculty. For example: For any faculty of the Computer Science Department, the employee just needs to select the Computer Science Department.

Organizational Unit

Question 1: Who can add an Organizational Unit?

Answer: The admin can only add the “Organizational Unit” with the “setting” role assigned to it. The below-mentioned steps need to be followed:

Setting » Organizational Unit » Add Organizational Unit » Enter the required details » Save.

Question 2:Is the parent unit predefined in the Organizational Unit?

Answer: Only the campus(parent unit) is predefined in the Organizational Unit, after that University/Institute can add the desired Units into the portal and make them parent units.

Question 3:Is the Code of Organizational Unit linked with any other module or function?

Answer: The code is for record purposes and it depends on the University which code they want to provide to a particular Organization Unit.

Question 4:What is the difference between the Organization Unit Type and Organizational Unit?

Answer: Organizational Unit Type is the overview of administrative and academic structure. The Organizational Unit is the complete organizational structure of the University.

Question 5:In the module organizational unit, there is an OU category which is a plan and non-plan. What does it mean?

Answer: Whatever is the existing work in the university, we will include that in the planned section and the rest which cannot be included will be added in the non-plan category.

Question 6:In the OU type if any unrequired type is added in the section how to delete that section?

Answer: The delete option is not available in the section. University needs to deactivate the OU type. Inside of the action column in the status, you can deactivate easily.

Question 7:What is the roadmap/order which we have to move to implement project Samarth at University?

Answer: The University needs to configure the organizational structure. First, we need to complete first all the base modules then we will move to the further modules of Project Samarth.

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