Admission Management

Question 1: Is the partial fee payment applicable for 1st year fee only or for rest academic fee ?

Answer: The first semester fee can be submitted here as the partial payment and rest would be taken by the University when the applicant will move to the student life cycle.

Question 2: Is there a possibility to customize the admit card?

Answer: Admission slip can be customized as per the University requirement with the name of applicant, fee structure and instructions also.

Question 3: Can the correction be done in the admission application form i.e. name, mobile number, programme in the administrative side?

Answer: The programme can be changed or transferred but to change the name, mobile number , we have to check with the core team.

Question 4: What does it mean by change of programme?

Answer: It means applicants can transfer from one programme to another programme.

Question 5: Is there a provision to verify for change of programme?

Answer: Yes, it can be done by the employee with the role of admission administrator or departmental login.

Question 6: Can the account number details be made optional?

Answer: It can be done for the next admission cycle as it has to be done before going live.

Question 7: Can Email be forwarded to the shortlisted candidates while in the post admission process?

Answer: It can be done through the core communication module after adding all the students email ids and also students can check the status in the registration portal.

Question 8: Is it possible to use the SMS facility to notify the students to pay fees?

Answer: No, currently it is not integrated with the university but may be provided after getting an SMS integration kit from the university for the next cycle.

Question 9: Can we configure the admission fee as tuition fee?

Answer: Yes, it can be done though admission fee setting and the bifurcation of fee can also be seen in student acknowledgement slip.

Question 10: How to cater the situation where previously enrolled students of MKU need not to pay extra tuition fee while other applicants need to pay the extra fee for UG programme?

Answer: In this situation, we have to add an admission fee category for previously enrolled students so that they can put a check mark on the column.

Question 11: Can the programs be e- listed instead of program level immediately after login?

Answer: It cannot be done, as programme selection only depends on programme level.

Question 12: Can entrance test centers be retained only for B.Ed. programme?

Answer: It can be done.

Question 13: Is it possible to make the Blood group optional for distance students?

Answer: It can be made optional.

Question 14: Can the language column be removed while applicants filled the registration form?

Answer: The University may use the field as additional information.

Question 15: May uploading of the relevant document be facilitated at the concerned column for example date of birth certificate and date of birth column?

Answer: All supporting documents will be asked only in the upload section.

Question 16: May be an auto converter facility given to the student to minimize the size and conversion of non-supported format to supported format i.e. PDF, JPG .?

Answer: Such provision is not there but may be available in the future.

Question 17: How to verify the uploaded document as we have an administrative officer and faculty to verify it?

Answer: The admission_admin will assign a programme to the respective administrative login and using that login faculty can process the applications.

Question 18: What should be necessary steps to be done for the registration of the students as Admin?

Answer: The programmes offered by the university need to be added. Also, registration fee setting, admission date setting & hostel option fee needs to be configured in the system.

Question 19: Where is the result of the entrance examination shown in the system?

Answer: The provision of displaying the result is not available in the system. However, marks can be imported through Import/Rank setting and results would be prepared on the merit basis & the status of applicants can be selected as shortlisted for admission or rejected and those results will be displayed in the student registration portal.

Question 20: Is the post admission process activities such as admit card generation ,addition of exam centre , student reporting date & exam date available?

Answer: All the provisions are available in the system.

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