Payroll Management System

Question 1: What is the Payroll Management System?

Answer :Payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, including bonuses and deductions. The Payroll Management System is used to cater to all these requirements of the University and efficiently manages them.

Question 2: How many functions in Payroll Management?

Answer : There are the following functions which are mentioned below.

  1. Master Data(Settings)
  2. Pay Rule Configuration
  3. Employee Management
  4. Salary Processing System
  5. Reports
  6. Income Taxes

Question 3: How many roles are there in the Payroll Management System?

Answer: There are 6 roles which are mentioned below :-

| S.No. | Role Name | Description |

| 1. | Payroll_admin | Can configure all the settings of the payroll module, can generate salary, can change the salary heads. | | 2. | Payroll_pvo | Can verify and finalize the salary. | | 3. | Payroll_pda | Can generate the salary. | | 4 | Payroll_pcm | Can bulk update the salary heads of the employees? | | 5 | Payroll_ar_salary | Can approve the generated salary. | | 6 | Payroll_employee | Can view the approved salary of his own. |

Question 4: Is there an option to upload bulk salary data in the Payroll Management?

Answer : Yes. Admin can upload bulk salary data.

Payroll management»Bulk salary update»Update

Question 5: Is there any provision to generate salary slips by employee login itself?

Answer : Yes, Employees can generate salary slips using their login credentials. They can also print the salary slip.

Employee login»Payroll management » Dashboard»View detail (Finance year wise)»Generate salary slip (Month wise)»Print.

📹 How to Generate Salary slips ⤤ | v1

Question 6: Who will complete the configuration of payroll in the setting section?

Answer : Finance Admin can complete all configuration settings in the setting section.

This can only be done by the admin. Settings have the following sections:

  • Bank List
  • University Bank Details
  • Budget Heads
  • Pay Commissions
  • Financial Cycle
  • Financial Plan
  • Pay band Categories
  • Grade Pay Scale
  • Levels
  • Payroll Entry Types
  • Payroll Entry Group
  • Payroll Entries
  • Salary Rules Configuration
  • Group Management

Question 7: Who will generate a bulk salary for all employees?

Answer : If the Admin/PDA(Payroll Dealing Assistant) wants to generate a salary for all employees in a single go then it can be done by selecting all the employees whose salary needs to be generated together and clicking on the “Generate Bulk Salary” button.

Payroll management»Generate salary»Generate bulk salary

Question 8: How will the admin process the Salary?

Answer : Admin can follow the below steps for processing the salary.

  1. Verify Bulk Salary: By clicking this option the SO(Section Officer)/Admin is directed to the Salary Processing Interface of all the employees whose salary has been generated. The information displayed on this page is only of those employees whose salary has been generated. The SO(Section Officer)/Admin will verify the salary details and mark them verified by clicking on the “Verify Bulk Salary” button.

  2. Un-Verify Bulk Salary: If Admin/SO(Section Officer) wants to un-verify the salary which has been verified but not finalized yet due to some changes then he/she needs to click on the “un-verify Bulk Salary” button. It cannot be unprocessed/unverified once finalized. Un-verification can be done for multiple employees in bulk.

  3. Finalize Bulk Salary: After verification, the SO(Section Officer)/Admin can finalize the salary for approval. No changes can be incorporated after the finalization process.

  4. View the Previous salary: To view the previous salary slip of an employee click on the icon. It can also be printed from here as per the requirement.

  5. Approve Bulk Salary: By clicking this option the AR(Assistant Registrar)/Admin is directed to the Salary Processing Interface of all the employees whose salary has been processed. The information displayed on this page is only of those employees whose salary has been verified and finalized.

Payroll management»Process salary»select criteria by filtering year month etc.

Question 9: How many reports are available after Approved payroll for the employees?

Answer: There are several reports which are mentioned below-

  1. Salary Slip Generation
  2. Employee Single Sheet
  3. Department Summary Before Approval
  4. Department Summary
  5. Provident Fund Reporting
  6. Contingent
  7. Remittance Letter
  8. Salary Head Report
  9. Monthly Bank Statement
  10. Monthly Pay-Bill Report
  11. Earning-Deduction Report
  12. LIC tRepor
  13. Income tax Deduction Statement
  14. Last Pay Certificate
  15. Pre-Processing Report
  16. Export Approved Salary Report
  17. Employee Wise Monthly Pay Report
  18. OU Wise-Pay Report

Question 10: Can admin Export PFMS details?

Answer: Yes, the admin can export PFMS details. The steps mentioned are:

Payroll Employee Salary Export : Here PFMS reports are generated which the university can use and directly upload that report to PFMS Portal

Payroll Employee Net Salary Export : (TSA Report) From March 2021, the RBI has given the guidelines to every university to prepare a report and that report will directly be uploaded on the RBI portal, So Samarth has given a provision to fetch that report and upload it right away.

Payroll management»PFMS Integration.

Question 11: The Pay commissions of State universities and Central Universities are different for the State universities. It is also configurable with all those details like Pay Commission, Pay band Categories, Grade Pay Scale, Levels?

Answer: Yes, it is also configurable for State Universities.

Question 12: Is there any availability of IT returns?

Answer: Module admin views the details IT returns in the module.

Question 13: If we generate the salaries whether it is visible to the employee or not?

Answer: Yes it will be visible to employees in their logins.

Question 14: if in case there are 10 employees in the same level 5 employees who are taking HRA and 5 employees are not taking, how will we manage them? Answer: Module admin can use the actual and formula for the same level to process.

Question 15: How can we increment the annual salary of all employees, we need an interface where a formula can be added and increment could be done for all the employees at once?

Answer: Universities can update the basic salary of all the employees through a bulk progression data format sheet.

Question 16: Can we change the output format after generating the salary slip?

Answer: Currently, the format cannot be changed but certain changes related to categories can be done as per the requirement by the University.

Question 17: Can we update the one-time salary for the employees?

Answer: Yes, under the bulk employee salary section, changes can be made, and hence, it can be done for all the employees.

Question 18: Can an Employee Update his/her profile so it will affect his/her payroll?

Answer: Yes, If an Employee changes or updates his/her Employee Information then Employee payroll is automatically going into the Debarred Section.

Question 19: Can Payroll management work with the existing University payroll system?

Answer: Yes, it will work well.Also in this module,salaries of 6th pay & 7thpay contractual and regular employees can also be generated.

Question 20: Which role can be assigned to higher authority in the module?

Answer: The role of Payroll admin can be assigned for all the configuration and Payroll pvo can be assigned for the verification office which may be the authority.

Question 21: Is there any link between Payroll and Budget ?

Answer: No

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