Training & Placement

Question 1: How will the company register?

Answer: Admin can provide the URL to the companies to register themselves for the Training and Placement for the Institution.

Question 2: Can we map the admin roles to the employee user account?

Answer: We can map the roles but it is not advisable as it may create anomalies in later phases, therefore always map admin user roles to the admin user account.

Question 3: Who will create the company login?

Answer: Training & Placement admin can create the company’s login.

Question 4: Who can reset the company login password?

Answer: Admin can reset the password for the company’s login.

Question 5: Is there a way to group the placements or internships for a particular academic year?

Answer: No, but while creating the Training and Placement session training_admin can name and code the session according to the academic year.

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