Student Life Cycle Management

Question 1: How to add Students to the Programme?

Answer: Students can be added by using the “Import Student” & “Add students” setting present in the Particular program setting. The below-mentioned steps have to be followed:

  1. Open Programme Module
  2. Select the Programme
  3. Open that programme’s setting
  4. Then click on Import Students

Question 2: Will there be another session on the Students Lifecycle Management Module?

Answer: We will schedule a session on all the modules which are under maintenance once they are available.

Question 3: How can a Student fill the Student Feedback Form?

Answer: The Students or the Employees can access and respond to the published Feedback forms in the Feedback Management System using their user credentials to log in to Samarth Portal for the University/HEI.

Question 4: How can we map different subjects for different semesters?

Answer: The Student Feedback System will be linked with the Student Life Cycle and once the Students will get imported they will be mapped to the respective Teachers and in the same way, a Student can fill the Feedback Form for the intended Subject Teacher. Currently, a customisable form common for all students is available.

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