Student Feedback Management

Question 1: How can we create a feedback template?

Answer: Only the admin with the rights of Feedback_Admin can create, view, and access them by following the steps given below:

Home»Settings»Templates»Add Template

Clicking on the Add Template will bring the form for details required to add the template. Fill in all the details and click on Add to add the template.

Question 2: What is the use of Student Feedback Management?

Answer: Following are the usage given for Student Feedback Management:

  • Feedback is necessary for the efficiency and quality improvement of an educational institute.
  • With a proper feedback mechanism in place, the growth rate of a university/institute shows an upward movement.
  • The feedback mechanism helps in catering to the weaknesses and further strengthening the shortcomings.
  • The analysis of a university/institute can be done by ensuring a strong feedback system is in place.
  • Questionnaires are of primary importance in any feedback mechanism system.

Question 3: Can we check the graphical representation of the feedback reports? If yes, mention the steps.

Answer: Yes, the Module admin can see the graphical representation of the feedback reports.

Home»Settings»Templates»In the Action Column select Analysis for the feedback for which reports need to be generated.

Question 4: How to add questions to the template?

Answer: Admin can add the Question by clicking on the edit icon first, then on the “Add Question” button and filling in the required details:-

  1. Question
  2. Answer Type(Drop-down/Checkbox/Radio button/Text box)
  3. Options
  4. Is Response Mandatory(Yes/No)

Question 5: What role needs to be mapped with the user to access the feedback module?

Answer: feedback_admin

Question 6: In the Student Feedback Management. How are the students going to fill the form and will go for the further processes?

Answer: Student login is present in the Samarth demo portal.

Question 7: Do we have to create Student Portals?

Answer: Once we activate the Student Login Portal in the University, every student will get the login.

Admin can create the student Feedback form and publish it where students can provide their feedback after login.

Question 8: Can we add the questions when the template is published?

Answer: Questions are to be added only when the template is in draft state.

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