Programme Management

Question 1: What is the usage of Programme status?

Answer: The Programme Status will show the different status of students whether it is in the draft, active, pending, suspending stage. The different statuses will affect the Programme settings. The program is uneditable and programmed details are locked in the active status but it can be edited if it is in the suspended or draft stage.

Question 2: What is meant by admission categories?

Answer: Admission categories show the list of students that appear in the examination/merit list as per their categories of admission in the University.

Question 3: Are Courses different from Subjects?

Answer: Both are same. Each program comprises a different list of courses/subjects.

Question 4: What is meant by the Shortcode of the program and are they mandatory?

Answer: Shortcodes (found in Programme Management) are used for futuristic academic-related features including courses and admission-related features.

Yes, shortcodes are mandatory to find and map the programs easily.

Question 5: How to add Programme in Programme Management?

Answer: Admin can add a new program by clicking on the “Add New Programme” button. Step to adds program are:

  1. Open Programme Management Module
  2. Click on the Setting
  3. Click on the “Add New Programme”
  4. Admin needs to fill in the details
  5. Click on the “Save” button

Question 6: How to Import and Export Granted Student data from Program management?

Answer: In program management, there is an option to import and export data therefrom you can make changes.

Question 7: What about blended courses? (in addition to f2f, ODL, or line) for the program management module?

Answer: A blended course is a different approach, where we do face-to-face interaction with the students and we also provide an online environment to do assignments and other tasks.

Question 8:We have the situation of offering three modes of program i.e, regular mode, distance mode, and online mode also so that we have the same mode of integration of admission as well as examination, So is there a feature to distinguish between these modes on admission as well as examination?

Answer: In that case, you need to create three programmes and you will take regular, distance as well as online and the rest of the configuration accordingly.

Question 9: Please show the fee waiver and how can we configure this for different categories?

Answer: Navigate to Programme management and then click on the particular program and go to the setting button, then we have seat and fee configuration options to particular categories (e.g. EWS) there, we have a fee waiver section. There is no provision for a fee waiver at different levels of income categories.

Question 10:Who will assign the shortcode for the programmes?

Answer: The University has a shortcode for every individual programme. You can use that shortcode assigned by the University for programmes.

Question 11:Shortcode of the program mandatory?

Answer: Yes, the shortcode is mandatory to find and map the programs easily and also shortcodes are used for the futuristic academic-related features including courses and admission related features

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