Admit Card Generation for Non-Teaching Recruitment

Generating Admit Cards/Interview Letters

The Admin with the role of non-teaching_recruitment_admin can generate the Admit Cards/Interview Letters for the Candidates who have applied for various Non-Teaching Job Postcodes at a respective University through Samarth Recruitment Management module.

1. Conducting Selection Round for a Job Postcode

Please Note: Before conducting the selection rounds, the candidates can be marked from view in the Application Listing for their respective job postcode.

  • Admin can conduct selection rounds for the respective job postcodes in the Advertisement section by clicking on the Conduct Selection Round button.
  • Click on the Add Selection Round button and fill in the following required details:
  1. Selection Round (select from the drop-down)
  2. Selection Round Name (Round Name)
  3. Do you want to generate a new roll no for this exam? (Select Yes/No)
  • After** marking the candidates for the interview from the All Application section for a specific job postcode, the Admin can configure the Entrance/Interview Round Settings.
  • After creating the Selection Round click on the Proceed Button to proceed further.

2. Configuring Selection Round and Generating Admit Card/Interview Letter

The followings steps are to be followed to Conduct the Entrance or Interview for a specific job postcode and generate Interview Letters/Admit Cards:

  • Step 0: Mark Candidate for this Selection Round
  • Step 1: Add Centers
  • Step 2: Add Instructions
  • Step 3: Add Schedule
  • Step 4: Generate Admit Card
  • Step 5: Release Admit Card
  • Step 6: Download Attendance Sheet
  • Step 7: Mark Attendance

Step 0: Mark Candidate for this Selection Round

  • The Admin can view the total no of Candidates who are selected for the Selection Round.

Step 1: Add Centers

  • New centers can be added by clicking on the Add Center button and filling in the following details:
  1. Code
  2. Name
  3. Address Line 1
  4. Address Line 2
  5. City
  6. State
  7. Pincode
  8. Country
  9. Capacity
  • Admin can view the total no. of Centers by clicking on View Center in the status column.

Step 2: Add Instructions

  • The Admin can add multiple instructions by clicking on the Add Instructions button.
  • The Total No. of Instructions can be viewed by clicking on the View Instructions in the status column.
  • Admin can View/Update the Instructions by clicking on their respective icons.

Step 3: Add Schedule

  • Admin can add schedules by clicking on Add Schedule button and filling in the required details:-
  1. Roll No. Prefix
  2. Roll No. Series
  3. Centers
  4. Exam Count
  5. Exam Date
  6. Exam1 Reporting Time
  7. Exam1 Start Time
  8. Exam1 End Time
  9. Exam2 Reporting Time
  10. Exam2 Start Time
  11. Exam2 End Time

Step 4: Generate Admit Card

  • The Admit Card can be generated by clicking on the Generate Admit Card button
  • Also, the admin can see the details such as Post Name, Postcode, Date, and Count of the Candidates.

Step 5: Release Admit Card

  • Admin can release the Admit Cards to the respective user accounts of the Candidates by clicking on the Release Admit Card button.

Once the Admin generates the Admit Card/Interview Letter, it will get reflected in the Candidate Dashboards and they can also download/print the letter for further process.

Step 6: Download Attendance Sheet

  • Admin can view the attendance sheet by clicking on the Download Attendance Sheet.
  • The attendance sheets can also be downloaded by clicking on Download/Print Attendance Sheet button.
  • The Admin can see the details of the candidates such as Candidate Name, Form No., Roll No., Photo, Signature, etc. as the form of a list.

Step 7: Mark Attendance

Admin Can mark the Attendance by clicking on the Mark Attendance button and the details will get saved in the system for all future references.

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