Prerequisites of Modules

Following are the prerequisites mandatory to implement Samarth modules in the University:-

S No.PackModule NamePre-RequisiteModule Dependancy
1Pack 1OrganigramDesignation and Organization Unit detailsOrganization Unit and Designation
2Pack 1Organizational UnitOrganization Unit detailsOrganization Unit Type
3Pack 1User CreatedEmployee detailsEmployee Management
4Pack 1Employee ManagementEmployee recordsOrganization Unit and Designation
5Pack 1RTI ManagementRTI RequestsOrganization Unit
6Pack 1Legal Case ManagementCase and Lawyer details of the University.-
7Pack 1Leave ManagementAll types of Leave Configurations and Type are required.Employee Management
8Pack 1Estate ManagementAll buidling information of the University including Rooms, Floor, House etc.Organization Unit
9Pack 1Fee ManagementFee Configuration Details,Payment gatewayEmployee and Academics Management
10Pack 1Vendor Bill TrackingVendors, POs, BillsInventory Management
11Pack 1File Management and Tracking SystemAll University File Details.User and Employee Management
12Pack 1Inventory ManagementAll Vendor Details like Name, Mobile Number, Email Address , Address Details and GST details. Stock Details are also required.Employee Management
13Pack 1Research Project Management SystemProject details and funding informationEmployee Management
14Pack 2Programme ManagementAll Programmes Details, Students Details, Course Code Details.Organizational Unit
15Pack 2Payroll ManagementAll Payroll Settings needs to be configured and Pay Matrix details.Organization Unit, Designation and Employee Management
16Pack 2Health ManagementHealth Facility, Doctor, Employee Record and Subscription Details are required.Employee and Estate Management
17Pack 2SecuritySecurity Facilities, Incident Records, University HelplinesOrganization Units
18Pack 2KnowledgeResearch Publication, Papers and Patent details.Employee Management
19Pack 2Transport ManagementTransport or Vehicle details used by the University.Organization Unit and Employee Management
20Pack 2CFSContent details to be uploaded on University website.Organization Unit, Designation and Employee Management
21Pack 2Training and PlacementOpportunities, Student detailsAcademic Management
22Pack 2Hostel ManagementStudents Hostel Allocation List and Total Room available in the particular Hostel requiredOrganization Unit, Estate Management and Academics
23Pack 2Budget ManagementAll Budget Head Details.Organization Unit
24Pack 2Sports ManagementAll Sports List offered by University, equipment used, infrastructure details are required.Organization Unit
25Pack 3Grivance ManagementGrievance-Committee name and Member detailsEmployee and Academics Management
26Pack 3Uni Web PortalProgramme API, Organisation API, Employee API-
27Pack 3EndowmentContribution by type of user, contributions-
28Pack 3AffiliationApplication Form for Affiliation from Colleges-
29Pack 3Essential ServicesTransport, Parking, Conference and guest house detailsEmployee
30Pack 3Student FeedbackFeedback templates, Status of templatesAcademic Management
31Pack 3Minutes and RetrievalMeeting RecordsEmployee
32Pack 3Alumni ManagementStudents Records and Programme InformationAcademics Management
33Pack 3CCSCorrect Email ID of the Employees and StudentsEmployee, Programme Management and Student Lifecycle
34Pack 3Student LifecycleProgramme Details, Course Details etc.Academics Management, Programme Management
35Pack 3Academic ManagementAll Programmes Details, Students Details, Course Code Details.Programme Management
36Pack 3Research ManagementUnder-MaintainanceAcademics Management
37Pack 3Evaluation and GradingAll Programmes Details, Students Details, Course Code Details etc.Academics Management & Programme Management
38Pack 3Library IntegrationUnder-Maintainance-
39Pack 3ITSDService Details and Agent Mapping details for Service.User and Employee Management
40Pack 3ToT ManagementCompany and Training details.Employee Management
41Pack 3E-HousingNumber of Housing Scheme details, Pay matirx configrationEmployee, Payroll and Estate Management
42Pack 3Procurement of GoodsUnder-Maintainance-
43Pack 3Central Data UnitUnder-Maintainance-
44Pack 3Third Party Ranking SystemUnder-Maintainance-
45Pack 3CASEmployee DetailsEmployee Management
46On-demandRecruitmentNumber of Posts and ApplicationsOrganization Unit
47On-demandAdmissionNumber of Seats and ApplicationsProgramme Management

Common Pre-requisites:

  • Login IDs to be created for respective modules.
  • Base Modules are configured and verified by the University.

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