Core Communication System


  • This module helps in sending emails to more than one employee/student in a single click directly from the portal.

  • This module also helps to keep a record of the emails sent to the employees/students.

  • Significant features of Core Communication System:

    • Compose Bulk mail(Send one mail to more than one employee at a time)

    • Filter Employees(select the employees according to choice)



This section gives a count of

  1. The total number of mail sent combined(Student+Employees).

  2. The total number of mail sent to students.

  3. The total number of mail sent to Employees.


In this section, all types of employees are listed. Admin can select all those employees s/he wants to send mail by clicking on the checkbox provided.

Compose Mail

Admin can compose a mail to his/her employees by clicking on the “Compose Mail-Select Employee” button present on the top left side of the portal and fill in the required details:

  1. Subject

  2. CC(Carbon Copy)

  3. BCC(Blind Carbon copy)

  4. Reply To

  5. Content(HTML/Text)

Then click on the "send" button to send that composed mail to those selected employee/employees.

Bulk Mail Compose

Admin can send mail to more than one employee/student at a time by clicking on the checkbox available at the start of every entry.

Only those employees whose checkbox is ticked will get an email that will be composed and sent by the admin.

  • Admin needs to mark the checkbox and then click on the “compose mail” button.

While sending bulk emails to the employees the email address/es which is/are added in CC/BCC will receive the same email same as the number of recipients in “to” field, as the module sends the email one at a time.

Filter Employees

In situations where mails are to be sent to a particular group of employees, we can use the “filter” feature provided in the module. For example, the admin needs to send mail only to teaching faculties or to permanent faculties, then the User can do it by:

  1. Clicking on the “Filter Employee” button present on the top left side of the portal and fill in the required filter as per the choice.

  2. After that click on the “Search” button present at the bottom left of the filters displayed.

  3. Admin can reset its filters anytime by clicking on the “Reset” button.

  4. After filtering the employees' admin can click on the Compose mail button to proceed further.

Some of the Filters are:

  1. Service cadre(Teaching/Non-teaching)

  2. Organizational Unit(select from the drop-down)

  3. Nature of Employment(Permanent/Temporary/Contractual/Etc)

  4. Date of Joining(select from the calendar)

  5. Date of Superannuation(select from the calendar)

  6. Qualification at the time of Appointment(select from the drop-down)

  7. Existing Employee Code

  8. Salutation

  9. Name(First/Middle/Last)

  10. Name in Hindi

  11. Gender

  12. Date of birth

  13. Blood Group

  14. Category/Religion/Nationality

  15. Marital Status etc.



Role NameDescription
ccs_adminConfigure settings and Compose email for individual or bulk employees

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