Research Project & Management System


Research Project & Grant Management System helps in management of research projects grants from the funding agency. It also manages the sanction orders, research accounts, expenditures against sanctioned budget heads and generates reports for the funds.
The module consists of 3 sections:

  • Dashboard

  • Manage RPMS

  • Settings


It shows a graphical representation of all the ongoing projects, manages the grants received and expenditures against budget heads.

RPMS Dashboard


In this section, the total number of Budget Heads, Funding Agencies Project Type and Project Committee is managed. Only admin can do these configuration in the system.

Budget Heads

In this section, we can add new Budget Head and can also see existing/already added budget heads.

Funding Agencies

In this section, we can add new Funding Agencies and can also see previously added funding agencies.

Project Type

In this section we can add new Project Type and also can see previously added Project types.
For example: Minor and Major are types of projects.

Project Committee

In this section we can add new Project Committee and can also see existing/already addedy added Project Committee.

Manage RPMS

In this section, the admin can View the details of the number of research projects, projects for approval(internal/external), manage approved projects, sanction order entry and manage accounts, manage project expenditure, statement of expenditure, utilization certificate, projects for closure.

Research Projects

Here PI/Admin can make entry of research projects by clicking on the Add New Research Project button or can view and update the particular project details by clicking on the View and Update icon present at the end of each entry respectively.

While adding a new research project admin/PI needs to fill the Project Submission Form by adding the details of the Project Investigator, Co-Project Investigator, and Research project details etc.

After successfully filling project submission form, admin can either update it or can add funding amount by clicking on the buttons Update project proposal or Add funding amount to submit the form.

Then Add Funding details like budget heads, description, funding amount, etc by clicking on Add new Project fund button.

At first, Project submission form is filled & save, then funding details are added. Then comes a preview before submitting the form completely. If the user wants to update the form, add funding amount or print, they can do it by the button available at the bottom of the form and then submit it for approval.

Research Projects for Approval (Internal/External)

After submitting the research project, they are reflected in this section. It has a record of the project(internal/external) and their status whether approved/rejected/closed. Status can be modified only after the approval received from the Concerned Authorities(Finance Officer/Dean Research/Funding Agency). To update Admin needs to click on the Tick icon present at the end of each entry of the project and fill the Project Approval form.

Manage Approved Projects

In this section we can manage approved projects. You can add meetings, committees, manage minutes count, host meetings etc. We can download/print the Project Proposal Form by visiting the link given under the reference number. We can also view Project Proposal Form by visiting under the given link of project serial number.

Committee Count: We can add or dissolve a committee, but once the committee is created we can’t add or remove any member from it, in order to do that we need to dissolve the committee and recreate it, but if you do that the associated meeting records will automatically be dissolved.

Add new committee: We can add/create new committee and its members by filling the form.

Meeting Count: It is the same as committee count. We can also add or cancel meetings. We can also add the date, time and venue of the meeting can also add M.O.M (minutes of meetings) after the meeting.

Add new project meeting: We can add/host a new project meeting by filling this form.

Add Minutes of Meeting: We can add minutes of meeting after completing the meeting and other details as well.

Sanction Order Entry

Here admin can add/view/update how much amount is sanctioned for the project from the funding agency. To add a new order click on the Tick icon present at the end of each entry of the project and fill the Sanction order form.

After adding Sanction order, details that contain total amount sanctioned, grant for the project. New budget breakup needs to be created based upon the sanctioned budget heads by clicking on the Add budget breakup button.

Manage Accounts:

Once the sanctioned amount is received from the funding agency, admin needs to transfer the grant to the bank account created for that project. To manage account details like bank name, receipt number, opening account amount, account status click on the Tick icon present at the end of each entry of the project. To view/update Project Accounts click on Update Deposit form.

Manage Project Expenditure

Here records of project expenditure(Budget heads, Receipt number, amount) are managed and can also view funding Details like(total grant amount, opening amount, balance to receive), Project Details like (total opening amount, total expenditure, balance yet to spend).

Admin can update/add expenditure.

Statement of Expenditure

This section contains details like total funds allocated either sanctioned or revised, expenditure incurred, total expenditure, balance, etc. with name & signature of the principal investigator.

Utilization certificate

In this section you can download utilization certificate by filling this from for your project.

Project For Closure

Status is updated/marked that is either rejected/closed once the project is closed.


Role Name Description
rpms_admin_viewRole to monitor RPMS module.
rpms_piRPMS Project Investigator is responsible for applying a Research Project Proposal and Keep track of the project Accounts and Expenditure and other Reports.
rpms_accountUser with the rpms_account role is responsible for accounts related activities in the RPMS module.

Workflow Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:-

RPMS Use Case Diagram

Activity Diagram:-

RPMS Activity Diagram

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