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A vendor bill is an invoice received for products and services purchased from vendors and hence considered as an expense for the company/organization.

The process of paying vendors is one of the final steps in the Purchase to Pay cycle. Briefly, when a company orders goods from a supplier it raises a Purchase Order (PO), when the goods or services arrive they will receive an invoice from the supplier. If the goods or service matches the PO, only then the details of the invoice are entered and processed by the organization respectively.


  • Elimination of physical interface to submit the invoices. The invoices can be directly uploaded into the system by the vendor. The physical copy of the invoice can be submitted later.

  • Compliance with the documents requirements to process the invoice.

  • No movement of the physical copy for certification of invoices. The scanned copies are uploaded and used by the teams to do the needful.

  • Complete transparency and accountability.


  • Real-time visibility about the status of the invoice to all agennts including the vendor, Finance Director, etc.

  • Reduced Errors in the documentation and other validation checks on invoices as per Purchase Orders terms and conditions.

  • Ensuring Timely payments to build relationships and leverage them for the project.


  • Log in to the application (as University/Organization Unit).

  • Create a Purchase Order by filling the Purchase Order Number, Date of Purchase Order, Vendor Details along with the activated mobile number and email id, etc.

  • Once the Purchase Order is created, an automatic email and SMS is sent to the department/college respective vendor along with the further steps.

  • The respective vendor then navigates to the link and validate the identity using the OTP provided.

  • Once the Vendor verifies his / her identity successfully, the vendor will be directed to the link where he/she needs to fill the Invoice Details.

  • The Invoice details filled can be updated until the final submission.

  • Once the Vendor submits the invoice, the bill is forwarded to the respective department/college from where the Purchase Order is initiated.

  • Now the respective department/college can fill the required details and forward it to the respective dealing assistant.

  • Once the details are forwarded by the department to the dealing assistant, the dealing assistant can object or pass the bill.

  • If the objection is raised, then the University/department of the organization needs to clear the objection and re-forward the same to the dealing assistant. This process is repeated until the dealing assistant does not pass any objection.

  • Once the dealing assistant passes the bill, an automated email and SMS are being communicated to the vendor as well.

Insights of the Application

Landing Page of the Application

... ...

Listing of all the Purchase Orders by the University Organization Unit. On clicking the "Purchase Order" The admin will be redirected to the add the purchase order.

Fill all details to create a New Purchase order.

Once the purchase order is created, an automated email and SMS are communicated to the Vendor.

Once the purchase order is created, the vendor receives the email as shown in the screenshot above. In the above screenshot, a link is present. Once the vendor clicks on the link, the vendor is redirected to the below page and require the verification of identification by the vendor.

Once the Vendor verifies his /her identity, the vendor is authorized to fill the below details and save it.

Once the vendor submits the invoice details, the status is updated on a real-time basis to the University/department application.

The above screen is displayed after submission. The downloaded purchase order will be shown.

Resend Activation code to Vendor on the given email id.

Now the University/Department can fill the proforma from the right button and submit it to the respective dealing assistant.

Login to the Administrative portal. Open the purchase order. you will be able to view a button 'Vendor Submitted the Purchase Order'. Click on the button.

A new proforma will be opened. The Proforma to be filled by the University/OU and forwarded to the dealing assistant.

Once the Proforma is filled on the last page by the University/department and forwarded, the list is being displayed to the respective dealing branch dashboard.
Log in with the Department login provided. The department will be able to view the Vendor bill.

Click on the view button for the summary page. Click on the 'Fill Invoice Proforma' button.

A new form will appear 'Proforma for Finance'. Now the dealing assistant has the option of objecting/passing the bill.

Fill in the form and click on Update. The email being Communicated to the Vendor after successfully passing the bill to the vendor.


Here we can configure the Budget Heads, Procurement Heads, and Application Declarations.


Manage Budget Heads: Here we can Add new Budget Heads and mark active/inactive existing heads.

Procurement Heads: Here we can Add new Procurement Heads and mark active/inactive existing heads.

Application Declarations: Here we can mark existing Application Declarations Active/Inactive.



Role NameDescription
vendor_adminThis admin role of the Vendor Bill Tracking. The person can view all the bill status that is being navigated through the system.
vendor_dealing_assistantDealing Assistant is the role that is to be provided to the person who handles the incoming bills from a particular organization.
vendor_departmentThis role is to be provided to the administrative post from the particular organization unit who handles the Billing that is to be processed by the Finance Branch Approval.
vendor_admin_viewThis role can only view all the bills at the university.

Workflow Diagrams

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