Evaluation & Grading (for evaluator)


This document provides step-wise procedure to Import the component-wise marks of the students and to calculate the aggregate marks of the students using evaluator login ID.

Basic requirements:

  • Course components must be added with the verified formula by the academic administrator.

  • Academic settings must be configured by the academic administrator.

Steps to import Student’s marks

Step 1: Course Evaluator has to open the Academic management by clicking the Launch button from the dashboard.

Evaluation & Grading

Step 2: Click on the View button in the action column from the listed courses.

Evaluation & Grading

Step 3: The course evaluator can View the student list by clicking on the Launch button of the student list section.

Evaluation & Grading

Configuration of importing Student’s marks

Step 4: Admin can Export student’s list in the system by clicking on Export student list button.

Evaluation & Grading
  • An excel sheet will be generated with the available components mapped with the course.

  • The sheet includes the pre-filled maximum marks of the component.

  • Evaluator needs to fill the marks obtained in the column with the cell color.

  • Default status is set as Present. It can be changed accordingly, if required.

Step 5: The course evaluator can fill each student’s marks in the excel sheet.

Step 6: Before submitting the sheet the course_evaluator needs to ensure that:

  • Marks against each course component must be filled, if the applicant status is Present.

  • The header of the excel file along with the pre-filled data must not be altered. If altered, it will invalidate the respective record of the excel sheet.

Step 7: After completion, the sheet can be imported by clicking in the import marks section.

Step 8: After verification, the student’s marks sheet will be uploaded.

Calculation of Aggregate Marks/ Verification of Aggregate Marks/ Calculation of grade points & credits

Step 9: Once the students marks sheet is successfully uploaded, it will be visible in the Imported marks list section.

Calculator of Aggregate Marks

Step 10: The course evaluator can calculate the aggregate marks by clicking on the Calculate aggregate marks button.

Once the marks are calculated successfully, a message will appear as a confirmation for the aggregate marks calculation.

Verification of Aggregate Marks

Step 11: Evaluator can verify marks by clicking on the Verify aggregated marks button.

Step 12: Once the Marks have been verified, the evaluator can click on the Single Row View button to view them.

Exporting customized format for Reports

Step 13: The Admin can export customized format for Reports in excel format and .pdf format.

Here admin need to select the following:

  • Status: Status implies component-wise input status by the examiner.

  • Tag Multiple: Tags are the course components.

Admin can export these reports in the excel and PDF format.

Admin can also verify marks and calculate grade & credit for a particular Programme.

From the single row view, the evaluator can download the PDF format and keep it safe for future references.

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