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1. Introduction

  • Minutes and Retrieval System enhance our minute taking, a place that enables you to take board meeting minutes more efficiently.
  • One will also be able to easily assign action items, all within a secure ecosystem.
  • It is built for the board administrator to streamline their minute taking before, during, and after the meeting,( and it allows them to easily assign actions and notify the attendees. )

2. Document

2.1. Create a Document System

Admin can add/create Document system by clicking on the "Create Document System" button present on the top right side of the portal and fill in the required details:-


  1. Title
  2. Members(Select from the drop-down)
  3. Series Number
  4. Date(Select from the calendar)
  5. Other Titles
  6. Types
  7. Language(Select from the drop-down)
  8. Keywords
  9. Abstract
  10. Sponsors
  11. Description
  12. File Description


2.2. View

Admin can view the details by clicking on  icon available in front of every entry.


2.3. Edit

Entries can be updated by clicking on icon or update button.

3. Annexure

3.1. Roles


Role Name



Mapped with employee role

With this permission oho can create a document and upload the required documents.

3.2. Workflow Diagrams

3.2.1. Activity Diagram


3.2.2. Use Case Diagram

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