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1. Dashboard

Login into the portal with the User ID and the password provided.
The Employee has the following two sections: 

  • Dashboard
  • Employee
  • Settings

Click on the Dashboard section on left to view current employees captured in the System.

Accounts of Employees will display. Click on View Details. It opens the "Employees" screen where the list of employees populates with the option to Edit, View, and Add a New Employee.

2.  Add Employee

Click on the Add New Employee button. Each field has to be furnished with the required information. 

  1. Service Cadre: Teaching or Non-Teaching.
  2. Organization Unit: List of Organisation Units mapped to University. To customize Organisation Units, check at setting-> Organisation Units.
  3. Designation: List of Designations mapped to selected Organisation Units. To customize Designation, check at setting-> Designation.
  4. Category
  5. Employee Name: Name of Employee in English and Hindi.
  6. Employee Code: Code is given to employees as per University records.
  7. Nature of Employment: It can be customized at Employee>>Setting>>Nature of Employment.

Fill all mandatory fields and save the record. Employee record created and it starts to display in List of Employee.

3. View Employee Profile

To view, Employee Profile clicks on the view button provided in front of the employee.

The complete summary of the employee profile can be seen through the view option.
Additionally, we can print the complete profile of the employee through the print button provided.

4.  Edit Employee Profile

To update other details like Photo, University Assignments, Academic, Career Profile, Research Profile, Patents and Consultancy, Membership & Association details of an Employee, Click on the edit link for an employee in the list of Employee.

4.1. Upload Photo 

Click on the upload icon (marked by arrow) to upload the employee's Photographs. Browse Image and upload.

4.2. University Assignments

To input details of the assignment of an employee, click on the assigned employee assignment.
To modify/update assignment details, click on the update button.

4.3. Academic Details

Fill the academic details of Employee in the below sections:

  1. Undergraduate Details: Under this section, the User has to fill his/her Under Graduation details as shown in the below form. Users can alter or delete the details as required.
  2. Post-Graduate Details: In this section, the same form will pop-up as in the previous section, where the user has to fill his PG details.
  3. Details:
  4. M. Phil. Details: Clicking on Add M.Phil details will allow the user to add M.Phil details. Users who want to add the M.Phil details have to fill the form to add the same as academic qualification.
  5. D. Sc. Details: Users can add Doctor of Science details if he/she has one using the option Add D.Sc.
  6. D. Lit. Details: Doctor of Literature details can be added if one has this qualification using the button Add D.Lit Details.

The option to Add Details, Update, and Delete is provided.

4.4. Career Profile 

In career Profile, users input details related to the below section such as:
Users can add past or present working details here.

  1. Time Table Details:
    In this section, the user can provide the details of the time table and the subject taught by him.
  2. E-Learning Resource Details:
    E-resources details can be added here if any.
  3. Administrative Experience Details:
    If the user has any administrative experience, it can be shared here.
  4. Industrial/Technical/ Research Experience Details

The option to Add Details, Update and Delete is provided.

4.5. Research Supervision:

Here details related to research supervision are to be captured. Click on Add to Add details.

1. Ph.D. Awarded Details:

The number of Ph.D. awarded and the subject in which the Ph.D. is awarded can be added here.

2. Ph.D. Submitted Details:

The number of Ph.D. submitted and the subject on which Ph.D. has been submitted can be mentioned here.

3. Ph.D. Ongoing Details:

If the user is currently pursuing a P.hD. then ongoing Ph.D. details will be mentioned here.

4.6. Research Publication Profile –1

In this section, the following details are to be filled:

  • Published Research Articles/Papers in Journals/ Other Reputed Journals notified by UGC
  • Publications Other than Journal Articles
  • Fellow of the Academies
  • Fellowship
  • Honor and Award
  • Extension Activities

Options to Add, Update, and Delete are provided.

4.7. Research Publication Profile- 2

In this section, the following details are to be filled:

  1. Workshops/Seminars on Intellectual Property Rights(IPR)
  2. Talk/Poster presented in the Conferences/Workshops
  3. Financial Support from the University of Delhi for conference/workshops/seminars
  4. Financial Support from the University of Delhi for membership
  5. Financial Support from the University of Delhi for publication
  6. Research Projects

4.8. Patents and Consultancy

In this section user inputs all the project's patent details, Seed money for Research and consultancy details are filled in.

4.9. Membership & Association

To capture the details of employee's memberships and associations.

  1. Add Association with any professional bodies.
  2. Add Contribution to MoU
  3. Add Collaborative Activities.
  4. Add mentor to Students
  5. Add Participation in the development of E-Content
  6. Add Professional Development Programs

5. Employee Search

Input Employee details or Filter using the options provided in the provided list.

6. Settings

Nature of Employment and Disability Status can be customized.

6.1 Nature of Employment Status

Admin can add the nature of Employment as required. In the settings page, there is an option to Add Employment Nature, by clicking on that a form will appear in which Nature of Employment can be filled.

6.2. Disability Options

Disability options can be customized as per the requirement. In the settings page there an option to Add Disability Options, which will open the form will appear in which Disability options can be added.
Once added, Disability options and Employment Nature type will reflect in the drop-down list in the Employee Record form.

6.3. Employee Additional Parameters

Employee Additional Parameters can be customized as per the requirement. In the settings page there an option to Add Employee Additional Parameters, through which any additional details can be sought from the employee.

Once added, Additional Information will reflect at the bottom of the Employee Record form.

7. Annexure

7.1. Roles


Role Name




This role is to be provided to the admin of the module who can add and update all employee details and can also export employee data.



This role is assigned to each employee who can view and update his own profile only.

7.2. Workflow Diagrams

7.2.1. Activity Diagram

7.2.2. Use Case Diagram

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