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  • This Alumni module aims to build a system that will be able to handle alumni requests and manage alumni data of a college providing easy access to the same.
  • It will have two types of users:
    • Admin: The admin will be responsible for approving incoming alumni. The admin will also have to ensure that graduating students are shifted into the alumni module. 
    • Alumni: An alumnus of the college will be able to access other alumni information and also will be able to view all their contact information (unless it is made private).

2. Alumni Registration

When the student graduates from the university/College, s/he becomes alumni of the university. He/she can then register themselves as Alumni. After registration, the request goes to the admin for approval and appears in this section. Admin can then click on the Approve button to approve the request.

3. Verified Alumni

When the admin approves the list of students and requests that have registered themselves as alumni, then the verified alumni details appear in this section.

3.1. Add Alumni

Admin can add the list of verified alumni by clicking on the "Add Alumni" button present on the top right side of the portal and fill in the required details:

  1. Programme (Select from the drop-down)

  2. Name

  3. Year of Passing(Select from the Calendar)

  4. Enrollment Number

  5. Institute/College/Department(Select from the drop-down)

  6. Mobile

  7. Email

3.2. View

Admin can view the details by clicking on icon available in front of every entry.

3.3. Edit

Admin can update/edit the details by clicking on icon or update button.

4. Annexure

4.1. Roles

Alumni Portalalumni_adminCan approve the request of students to be alumni of the university and can add verified alumni details.

4.2. Workflow Diagrams

4.2.1 Activity Diagram

4.2.2 Use Case Diagram

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